Bayfield Apple Fest

Bayfield Apple Fest

2023 Event Recap

          We arrived in Bayfield just when all the leaves began changing colors. The beauty of the fall leaves brought with it a chill we California women were not prepared for! The 60 degree Midwest cold we walked into was a far cry from the light California breeze we left!

          However, the cold weather and rain that came with it didn’t stop more than 50,000 people from attending one of the biggest events in this hidden gem of a town in Wisconsin!

          Something Vintage Jewelry is a vintage costume jewelry shop located at 33 N 1st Street, just a block from the heart of the festival. We had customers from all over the country visit and explore our beautiful display of fruit and nature inspired jewelry. We even met people from other countries and one couple who came all the way from Los Angeles for Apple Fest weekend - just like us!


          To keep in theme with the festival, we displayed some of our best fruit shaped brooches and earrings. Some of our favorite pieces included a beautiful West Germany fruit salad demi parure, a stunning vintage wooden acorn full set (both pictured above) and large gold & silver apple shaped brooches, both signed ‘Napier’ (pictured below).

          After closing time, it was our turn to enjoy the festival. The streets were filled with vendors selling all kinds of apple goodies. We stopped at every booth selling “Award Winning Apple Pie” and had the most amazing churro with caramel apple filling. And of course we took the opportunity to get a taste of some of the amazing and famous Wisconsin cheese. Aside from food, there were plenty of vendors selling unique handmade goods. 

          We were so glad we had time to walk around and get to know the town. Bayfield is a charming place and what really grabbed our attention was the incredible lake! The town is right next to the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, Lake Superior. We spent most of our time enjoying the views from the docks.

         Everyone got together for the parade on the last day of the festival. It was great to meet so many amazing people that have lived in Bayfield their entire lives. We truly miss being in that welcoming environment and we can’t wait to return next year. 


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